Pursuant to an Order granted on April 7, 2017, by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Grant Thornton Limited was appointed as Receiver, and to the extent necessary, Trustee, of certain assets held in the names of Bossteam E-Commerce Inc. (“Bossteam”), Yan Zhu (also known as Rachel Zhu), Guan Qiang Zhang and Zhi Yu Zhang.

The Receiver’s mandate is to administer a claims process and distribute funds to investors and other legitimate creditors of Bossteam. The Receiver will be accepting and adjudicating claims related to this receivership through an online claims submission process, the details of which are set out below.

Who Can Submit A Claim?

Bossteam E-Commerce Inc. operated three websites:

  • YouAdWorld.com
  • YouAdHK.com
  • YouAdAll.com

The following persons can submit claims:

  • Anyone who invested in or purchased shares, consumer credits, memberships or advertising packages from Bossteam E-Commerce Inc. or through YouAdHK.com, YouAdWorld.com or YouAdAll.com; or
  • Any other creditor of Bossteam or the Respondent Yan Zhu (also known as Rachel Zhu).

Claims Submission Process and Timing:

To submit your claim, please collect all relevant information (e.g. proof of payments made to Bossteam and other documents supporting your claim) and complete the claim form included below. In order to ensure we are able to process claims as efficiently as possible, each claimant should only submit one claim. If you made multiple investments or purchases, or have claims against both Bossteam and Yan Zhu (also known as Rachel Zhu), please submit these together as a single claim.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the claims process and instructions for submitting your claim by reviewing the Instruction Letter found here and reviewing our FAQ page.


IMPORTANT DEADLINE: all claims must be delivered to the Receiver before August 4, 2017. Claims received after this date will not be accepted.